About the brand "FUkkk"

FUkkk is a brand designed to combine apparel with activism; clothing with cause; fashion with fortitude. With a simple accessory such as a skull cap, hoodie or crewneck you can announce to the world your disdain for division without uttering a word--all while looking fly. We are based in New York City so our apparel channels the city’s style while our message reflects the city’s blunt and straightforward attitude.


FUkkk Racism. A bold declaration, but should it be? Aside from the coarse language it’s a pretty innocuous sentiment; an affirmation everyone should agree with. But history is littered with controversial affirmations which seem as though they should be universally accepted. Black Lives Matter is one of the most recent examples. This is why FUkkk Racism was formed. Our apparel displays a provocative message that no one should disagree with because race itself is a social construct. It is a man made thing that has no real foundation. Culture, ethnicity or nationality are tangible variances that should be celebrated but race was created to divide. We hope to unify because humanity is the only true race of which we are all members.


The founders of this brand are American born and of West African heritage. This cultural background has also influenced the style associated with this apparel. We wish to remain anonymous because this brand represents a movement that has no leader and it would be wrong to take credit for something we all contribute to. As we continue to evolve and grow the brand your input is key. Join us and support this cause by wearing your heart on your sleeve--literally. The smallest spark can ignite a revolution.


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